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>> this is "the journal" from berlin. our top story -- barack obama says the u.s. should strike syria, but he wants approval from congress first. >> u.s. ppt barack obama says he will seek support from congress for a military strike against syria. in a nationally televised address on saturday the president said he does not need congressional approval for such action, but would ask for authorization nonetheless. boehm left no doubt that he himself reached the decision that military action should be taken. here's what he had to say -- >> after careful deliberation, i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. this would not be an open-ended intervention. we would not put boots on the ground. instead our action would be designed to be limited in duration and scope. but i'm confident we can hold the assad regime accountable for their use of chemical weapons, deter this kind of behavior, and degrade their capacity to carry it out. our military has positioned assets in the region. the chairman of the joint chiefs has informed me that
investigating allocations of chemical weapons use. an indian court handed out the first sentence in the trial of a fatal gang rape that enraged the nation. winning the cup after a nailbiting penalty shootout. >> military intervention in syria could be growing closer, as you and inspectors investigating a chemical attack have left the country. washington says it has evidence that the syrian regime was behind the attack. russia had lashed out at washington's plans, and demands that give the u.s. -- the u.s. present its evidence to the u.n. >> the u.n. experts have left syria after completing investigations. the samples they took will be tested in different laboratories. it could take up to two weeks before the results are known. but the united states is unlikely to wait that long. on friday, secretary of state john kerry said that the u.s. had clear evidence that bashar al-assad's regime was responsible for a poison gas on august 21.a he says u.s. intelligence services knew that the missiles used in the attack were in the arsenal of the assad regime, and u.s. troops had been warned to take prec
in the u.s. state of idaho. this has raced across 54,000 acres of land ever since it was -- sparked by lightning on august 7. a number of multimillion dollar homes are threatened. sports. another dramatic day in the bundesliga. two clubs in particular it would do best to forget this. 5-1, to hoffenheim, who set up kevin volland and mondeste to score. schalke fell apart against wolfsburg who punished him with three goals in 12 minutes. stephon scored in the dying 0.ments to make this 4- in the second day, hamburg and floated, as we saw. won, pock -- volspog stuttgart lost to leiberkusen. 3-0.uchen beat hanover nuremberg hosts berlin. more on that in a moment. brownscweig.d enjoyed a win over frankfurt last weekend, and even them --ayer overcame spirits are high in the second game against nuremberg. >> the coach has worked his team hard this week. anyas been trying to dispel memories of the 6-1 mauling of frankfurt. >> results like that don't happen often. we have put the match behind us. fans cannot get enough of the scoring side and the record- breaking returns. >> it has been ye
>> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> thanks for being with us. coming up on the show -- >> no solution. egypt's president says that efforts to in the diplomatic crisis have failed. >> the meeting off. barack obama cancels meeting with vladimir putin. >> and the plight of african american -- the plight of afghan refugees. >> egypt felt military led government says diplomatic efforts to resolve the political crisis have failed. following efforts by the european union and the united arab intimates to defuse the crisis, and the u.s. are among the latest to try to break the deadlock. >> egypt has experienced renewed violence and turmoil over the last month since the military overthrew mohamed morsi, the leader of the muslim brotherhood. the political crisis in the arab world's largest nation is at a deadly new phase. >> the interior prime minister cannot be swayed even by john mccain and lindsey graham. the report blames the contraction on the muslim brotherhood. that is the official version. not everyone agrees. >> the negotiations failed because neither side was ready to
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in the syrian crisis. member ofut unnamed the obama administration says the u.s. believes there is very little doubt that the regime used chemical weapons against civilians last week. the u.s. defense secretary says america's military is ready to take action if the president orders. meanwhile, the syrian government said it would allow u.n. inspectors to access the site of the alleged attack. >> the announcement came as the foreign minister met with the un disarmament chief. the regime said it would allow chemicals inspectors to investigate the suspected gas attack. at the same time, the syrian government warned the u.s. against military intervention, saying it would create a ball of fire that would engulf the region. but washington is not ruling out out. chuckisit to malaysia, hagel says the u.s. is ready for all eventualities. >> the president has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. to again, we are prepared exercise whatever options if he decides to employ one of those options. >> western leaders are increasingly convinced chemical weapon
to defrost -- russia and the u.s. and high-level talks that feel like the cold war. we will go live to washington. >> caught in someone else's war -- how the conflict in syria is taking its toll on the country's children. >> and bundesliga is back. bayern kick off the german soccer season. there is a chill in the air and it has people reminiscing about the cold war. >> foreign ministers from the united states and russia met in washington. their mission -- to bridge the differences that have stopped talks between their bosses. >> u.s. president barack obama canceled plans to meet russian president putin next month. >> what sounded like a slap at obama, the russian prime minister told reporters it is time for the u.s. and russia to work together as grown-ups. >> he came to washington with a long list of issues. up for discussion, afghanistan, iran, and north korea, arms control, and human rights. both sides were ready for open and frank talks, but on this day, one issue overshadowed all the rest. >> it's no secret that we have experienced some challenging moments. obviously not just o
>> welcome to the "journal" on dw. >> thanks for joining us. coming up, a powerful car bomb hits southern beirut. at least or teen are dead in a stronghold of the militant group hezbollah. >> the crisis in egypt. global condemnation as cairo admits more than 500 were killed in the violence. >> politicians remember world war ii. >> it's the biggest attack of its kind in southern beirut in a generation. at least 14 people were killed and more than 100 wounded as a car bomb blew up in a stronghold of the militant group hezbollah. >> the attack comes just weeks after another bombing in the area wounded 50. the violence adding to fears that lebanon is being sucked into the civil war in neighboring syria. >> we talk about that with a correspondent in beirut in a moment, but first, this report on today's attack. >> the blast ripped through a southern suburb of the lebanese capital wreaking havoc. ambulances rushed to the scene to tend to the dozens of casualties and transport them to hospitals. cars were ablaze and people were trapped in nearby burning buildings. authorities said it cou
>> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> thank you for joining us. coming up in the show -- >> a promise from the nsa -- germany's top intelligence minister says the u.s. has offered adeal great >> could israel a someone's doom peace talks before they begin? >> and the row between britain and spain over gibraltar is heating up. london is sending out warships area -- warships. >> aagreement between the u.s. and germany -- it could be the latest result of edward snowden's revelations about mass surveillance by the nsa. >> today, the man who oversees intelligence in angela merkel's government says washington offered this deal to try to allay german peoples fears that their text and phone calls are being spied spied on by foreign agency. he appeared for the second time in front of a lawmakers committee. >> it has been dominating the headlines just six weeks before national elections in germany. now the government is hoping this new pledge will neutralize the issue. >> the government's chief of staff was grilled for six hours on the nation -- on the nature of german collaborat
for joining us. a court in hungary has convicted for right-wing extremist for murders in 2008 and 2009. three received life sentences and a fourth man got a 14-year sentence. >> hon. officials have been accused of moving slowly to investigate the crimes -- hungarian officials have been accused of moving slowly. >> hostility toward minorities has grown in hungary in recent years. a far-right party has become the third largest in parliament. >> the men shot dead one victim was she was sleeping. they also set a house on the buyer. and those inside tried to escape, they shot dead a child and his father. >> the accused are guilty as charged. they are sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> she is the mother of the man killed while fleeing his burning home. she says authorities botched investigations. >> there are many strange things about this case. the problem is that little things that could have turned up more clues were not examined properly. many say the sentence has not delivered justice and will do nothing to ease tensions. the tension is palpable where the town council recently cut
>> hello, and welcome to the journal coming to you from berlin. >> thanks for joining us. >> a turkish court hands down a controversial verdict, hundreds accused of plotting a coup. >> new zealand apologizes after bacteria is found in baby milk powder. >> the first taste of the new kind of a burger that is grown in a lab. thanks for being with us. a court in turkey has sentenced an army chief and other officers to life in prison -- in prison for planning a coup years ago. >> lawyers, academics, and journalists accused of trying to overthrow the turkish government. >> we will go live to assemble in just a moment but first, this report. >> teargas, grenades, and water cannons. they moved in against the demonstrators that wanted to protest against the verdict in the trial. >> ha 1 kilometer court raid. 275 defendants were sentenced to long jail penalties. the court saw him as the ringleader of the coup. supporters called the trial and legal force. they say he he is trying to influence rivals. >> if you're trying someone for being a member of a terrorist organization, you're
promises more transparency on the u.s. spying programs. german intelligence admits terrorcell phone data of suspects to other agencies but denies information is used to carry out drone attacks, and the bundesliga soccer season kicks off. barack obama has responded to growing unease in the united states about mass electronic surveillance. in a rare media conference before heading off for his summer holiday, the u.s. president on this new oversight measures and more transparency, that he stressed the surveillance programs revealed by edward snowden would continue. he criticized russia, which has offered edward snowden temporary asylum. >> for weeks, obama kept quiet as public anger brood over government spying, and now he has seek to have a better balance. >> we can and must be more transparent, so i have directed the intelligence community to make public as much information as possible. given the history of abuse by government and it is right to asked the questions of -- to be asking the questions about surveillance. >> the initiative is aimed at restoring trust in the security services.
cannot use force to end a peaceful sit in. millions of people are here. the government is threatening to remove us. >> allies growing increasingly concerned about the recent escalation in violence. washington is urging calm. invitation an open for all political forces to participate in implementing that road map. implementation of the roadmap .nd participation while open, it requires that all parties renounce violence. >> supporters of mohamed morsi said the military must sit down before any political negotiations can take place. al qaeda posted a video message friday urging egyptian protesters to turn their backs on democracy. a radical leaders said that morsi's ouster is a proof that democracy does not work and urged the muslims in egypt to rise up in jihad against western influence. morsi's muslim brotherhood party planned more massive protests for sunday. the united states issued a worldwide travel alert warning its citizens that the al qaeda network may be planning attacks. dozens of u.s. consulates like this one will stay closed this weekend because of the increased threat. the
to investigate claims that chemical weapons are being used. and china and russia continue to battle severe flooding across he far east. we begin in egypt, where islamist leaders say they've called off a series of rallies in cairo for security reasons. this comes after authorities raided the homes of muslim brotherhood members in an attempt to quell unrest. since wednesday clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi have left more than 180 people dead. tensions remained high with a vow to crack down on anyone using vees but he ininsisted there is room for everyone in egypt, including islamists. >> a show of force with tanks now posted throughout the capital. major squares have been blocked off, including the area around the mosque. police stormed a building on saturday arresting hundreds of protestors. banks and the stock exchange opened sunday for the first time in four days, but only for three hours. outside the capital many wonder when things will return to normal. the violence has been disastrous for the tourist industry. foreign visitors are an ess
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spy service denies cell phone data was provided -- that was provided to foreign agencies can be used for drone killings. is back, with a win for the champions, bayern munich. we began in italy, where six migrants have drowned after the vote they were traveling in sunk 20 meters from the court -- coast they were trying to reach. they were among 100 migrants trying to make their way from north africa aboard what appears to have been a wooden fishing boat, running a ground next to a popular beach resort. they were desperately near the shore but either they were exhausted or they could not swim. >> three cruise ships with 12,000 tourists on board were anchored -- anchored as the refugees swam for their lives. at one of thene most popular holiday spots in italy. a beach called the authorities. boat, ii saw the thought it was part of an effort to rescue the people in the water. i could not believe it was the vessel they came here on. >> they towed the boat in after the drownings. around 100 people risk the journey across the mediterranean. the refugees scrambled to reach the shore. >> this
>> hello. welcome to the journal -- "journal" on dw. these are our top stories at this hour. u.s. president barack obama is urging caution on syria, but he as ask the pentagon to prepare thesked -- he has asked pentagon to prepare military options. lebanon holds a day of national mourning. and happy birthday to the bundesliga. it was 50 years ago that the german top flight kicked off. we will have all the results from this weekend's action. in syria, with news that the u.n.'s hi records and a for disarmament is there -- high representative for disarmament is there. she is attempting to gain access to supposed -- alleged chemical chemicald sites of attacks. the u.s. has begun to move forces into place in the region. >> a father mourns the death of his children. he cannot understand how something so awful could happen to his family. the opposition blames the assad regime, saying it killed hundreds during nerve gas attacks. doctors without borders has confirmed 3600 patients in syrian hospitals displayed neurotoxic symptoms. assad regime continues to reject accusations that it was r
us. coming up in the show -- >> israel releases the first group of palestinian prisoners ahead of he's talks starting tomorrow. >> germany's much vaunted railway system rides to a standstill. >> a chinese businessman gets cold "share us the papers or tear your pen heist -- penthouse paradise down." we begin in the middle east where israel has begun releasing 26 palestinian prisoners. they are the first group of more than 100 being freed as part of a deal ahead of peace talks due to begin on wednesday. >> earlier, the israeli high court rejected a last-minute appeal against the release of the prisoners. it was launched by relatives of some of the victims. for relatives of the prisoners themselves, it is reason to rejoice. >> this house has been decorated by -- for a homecoming. jamil is being released after 21 years in an israeli jail. >> i'm very happy. thank odd. i'm happy my father is coming back after 21 years. when he got arrested, i did not know him. i never saw him outside prison at all. >> israel is divided about the decision by the supreme court. protesters at this demonstrat
. >> u.s. embassies remain closed middle eastern and north african countries after intelligence agencies intercepted communications suggesting al qaeda is planning a terrorist attack. security was increased as diplomatic facility throughout the region. shut inothers were also the middle east and in north africa. a worldwide travel alert has been issued effective until the end of august. we're joined now by by a political scientist in washington. what do we know about why these warnings have been issued now? >> there have been reports of an intercept from al qaeda in the arabian then select against enemies and-- u.s. targets in the middle east. there is also concern because this may be related to the drone attacks and prison breakouts in pakistan and baghdad and libya. they doas concern that not alert the public and its allies and something happens then this would have serious consequences down the road for the national security and intelligence agencies. >> there have been suggestions that it is suspiciously convenient that this warning comes now when the u.s. is under such pressure to j
recession in u.s. history. the focus of world news today is the middle east and we will be looking at the latest attempt to restart the peace process in a few minutes, but first to egypt which has again become a scene of what shed -- of bloodshed and chaos. military backed forces have cracked down on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. >> they have cracked down on settlements where pro morsi supporters have gathered for about a month area -- for about a month. >> the events are sparking global outrage. >> egyptian security forces and supporters of ousted resident mohamed morsi fight running battles in the streets of cairo. authorities say they are "mopping up." but the standoff appears far from over. >> they are firing at us with live ammunition. the army is firing at us. you hear those shots? >> security forces began clearing protest camps at dawn. one in eastern cairo and the other in the west of the city. they told demonstrators to leave the camps before hand, but most refuse to go. then security forces moved in, backed by armored cars and old users. police initially f
>> hello, and a warm welcome. these are our top stories this hour. u.s. president rock obama is still urging caution on syria, -- barack obama is still urging caution on syria. a shakeup at microsoft after ceo steve ballmer says he is on the borussia dortmund when in the bundesliga. syria with news that the united nations high are presented for disarmament arrived in the country. the job facing angela kane is to gain access to the site close to damascus of the suspected chemical attack after opponents of bashar al-assad claimed the syrian government forces used chemical weapons on wednesday in a tax said to have left hundreds dead, but the bashar al-assad regime said it was the rebels who employed chemical weapons. the one thing that is clear is that theaters that have come in -- is fears that chemical weapons have been deployed to prompt the united states to move forces near the region. >> what really happened? leaders want to know what took place and what action the world community should take. speaking to cnn, u.s. president barack obama called the accusations of a chemica
not believe it. they called us in the middle of the night and said, "the at the airport at 6:00 and you are on a plane." we are very happy to be here. we will be here for three weeks on safari. >> flights are being handled by the domestic terminal. passengers are also being processed in makeshift tents. the airport is east africa's biggest transport hubs and normally deals with some 16,000 passengers a day according to official figures. investigators are sifting through the remains of the international terminal. >> we are receiving assistance in the investigations from other agencies, international agencies . we want a full investigation on what happened yesterday. >> the government is keen not to waste any time with kenya's he tore his in season just getting under way. >> across the muslim world, festivities are being held to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan. >> celebrations bring together family and friends, and many travel long distances to be with their loved ones to mark this important holiday in the muslim calendar. >> in bangladesh, tens of thousands of people have been
and the europeans in the initiatives by the u.s. administration and everyone else here taking a supporting role. >> thank you very much for that update. in the region, it looks like a tense night lies ahead in egypt, where site -- sources close to the government say that the police are expected to start thinking action early on monday against supporters of mohamed morsi who are gathered in protest camps. the camps have been the focus of the confrontation between the army last month and supporters demanding morsi's reinstatement. the muslimrs of brotherhood still control the entrance of this mosque in cairo. so far the army has tolerated it, but no one knows for how much longer. downwn with the mallet -- with the military. >> that is the chant from the men. >> for more than one month, thousands of islamists have been camped out here, many with their children. they say that they will continue to protest until he is returned to office. >> i gave the president a mandate. he should stay in office for four years. whoever follows him should also have four years to serve the country. decisions like thi
>> you are watching me "journal" on dw. >> thanks for joining us. coming up in the show, protesters defy the curfew in egypt. dozens are dead after another day of violence across the country. >> workers from the americana mine in south africa remember the victims and the 34 miners shot dead a year ago. >> ecuador gives exploration the go ahead and part of the amazon rain forest. we explain why. >> we start in egypt where another day of road tests has been marred by bloodshed. security officials say at least 60 people died in clashes nationwide. >> the violence erupted after thousands of people took to the streets and a so-called day of rage called by the muslim brotherhood to protest the hundreds killed in a police crackdown earlier in the week. >> confrontations continued earlier into the evening as supporters of ousted mohamed morsi defied curfew. islamist groups have called in and to friday's rally. >> the eu is considering measures in response to the violence, and concerns are growing that the unrest could escalate into an all-out armed confrontation. >> in a show of defiance, t
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Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)